Working within BACP guidelines, therapeutic support to explore how best to manage and surmount the challenges that life has thrown at you


At foundations4living we work within BACP guidelines (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy), supporting our clients to best manage the challenges that life has thrown at them.  We help clients develop and enhance their inner resources so that life is more fulfilling


We have experience of working with:


Relationship issues


Post traumatic stress


Traumatic family situations e.g. abuse



If you find yourself unable to cope with current aspects of your life and/or you find that you have lost your love of life, then counselling could be relevant for you.  We offer structured, professional, interpersonal relationships with trained therapists


“I can now think of my dear friend with love and celebration, something I thought would never be possible after his death.

I feel healed and can now move on”

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