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Confidential, one-to-one advice and support to maximise your effectiveness in the workplace


During our life, in response to events, we make decisions and devise strategies to cope.  When particular strategies work in specific situations, we adopt them as our own and, over time, we forget that this was an unconscious process.  We can come to think that we have always been this way


Many of the decisions we make result in strategies that continue to be productive and effective.  However, certain beliefs and behaviours can start to cause problems and issues for us and others.  This is particularly true as we get older, and we know we need to make some fundamental behavioural changes


One-to-one coaching can be the answer.  Foundations4living supports clients to leave behind old patterns and outmoded goals


By providing an empathetic and skilled perspective, on the past and present, we facilitate clients to:

Understand the root cause of current unproductive behaviour patterns

Make new, up-to-date decisions

Realise greater freedom of action and choice going forward


This results in a significant release of energy and greater personal fulfilment


“I was stuck in seeing my health challenges as the end of my career and life as I knew it.  With you and the work we have done assisting me to accept the changes, I’m now looking forward to my life ahead and to the future”

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